Image of Modern Foreign Languages A Level (French & Spanish)


French A Level

Spanish A Level

Entry requirements:    

Five GCSEs including Maths & English Language: a minimum of three GCSEs at Grade 4 and two GCSEs at Grade 5.

Additional entry requirements:    

Grade 6 in French or Spanish.

What is it?    

As well as improving and developing your language skills, studying a language A Level allows you to open your mind to other cultures and gain a competitive edge in employment or study prospects.

Why choose this subject at BSFC?    

You may well be able to take part in trips to either France or Spain (depending on your choice of language) to immerse yourself in the culture and enhance your language skills.

What will I study?    

Developing your spoken ability in the language & defending a point of view; listening, reading & translating, and critical & analytical response in writing are all covered in our modern foreign language courses.

How will I be assessed?    

Oral & written exams at the end of Year 2.

How will this subject prepare me for the world of work?    

Speaking a foreign language is a highly-valued skill for employees across the world, and indeed Britain where a huge amount of business is done with non-English speaking countries.

Exam Board:


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