A Level

Entry requirements:    

Five GCSEs including Maths & English Language: a minimum of three GCSEs at Grade 4 and two GCSEs at Grade 5.

What is it?    

Film is perhaps the defining art form of the last few generations, and this A Level allows you to discover its mechanics, its significance in popular culture and its place in time and context.

Why choose this subject at BSFC?    

Film students often travel to London for subject-related trips and frequently visit Film Clubs and other private film screenings at large cinemas and independent showhouses.

What will I study?    

Developing your skills of film analysis to better understand how films are made and how audiences understand them. The focus is on industry-changing films to start with before opening up the whole spectrum.

How will I be assessed?    

70 % exam at the end of Year 2; 30% coursework completed in Year 1.

How will this subject prepare me for the world of work?    

The emphasis on independent study and analytical skills developed during this A Level will prove invaluable for a wide range of careers and Higher Education courses, as will the sheer variety of written tasks undertaken.

Exam Board: