8 September 2015

Image of Sixth Form Students Screen Film at the British Film Institute

Six students from The Sixth Form College were the only North West contingent to screen a film they created at the British Film Institute (BFI) following a series of workshops organised by The University of Liverpool’s School of Arts.

The students, who include, Dasha Kruglyakova, Hannah Matthews, Max Palmer, Elizabeth Pennington, Luke Ravenscroft, Megan Richie and Christopher White, took part in a shorter version of a 25 week BFI scheme developed in collaboration with Paris Cinematheque. The project sees young people from around the world engage in a carefully designed program of film education and film making grammar.

The theme for this year is ‘L’Intervalle’, or ‘spacing, spaces, gaps’. The unscripted film was directed by Christopher, Luke and Max whilst Megan, Elizabeth, Dasha and Hannah all featured in performing roles.

The resulting six minute film features a collection of young women struggling with alcohol and alienation, and is accompanied by a haunting score by The University of Liverpool's School of Arts music graduate, Daniel Fallon. The students also had the opportunity to travel to London over the summer for a screening of their film at the British Film Institute.

Max Palmer, a former Birkenhead Park School student who recently completed his A Levels at the College - achieving A* grades in Graphics and Mathematics and an A in Film Studies said, “It was fantastic to see our work featured at the British Film Institute. We had a lot of fun making the film and the workshops at the University of Liverpool were really useful and informative.” Max is now studying the Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media at The Sixth Form College’s School of Art & Design.

You can watch their short film here:

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