20 March 2018

Image of Foundation students’ promotion brings mental and physical health to the fore

Health for both body and mind has never been a higher priority, and Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s Foundation to Health & Veterinary Studies (Year 0) for ages 19+ students have been working on campaigns to raise awareness in their teenage A Level student counterparts.

Helping our students stay as informed as possible, the Year 0 teams have been planning and producing their campaigns at the College before heading off to study at the University of Liverpool upon successful results.

The health promotion event focused on:

  • The effects of smoking on your health
  • The effects of smoking and lung cancer prevalence
  • Mental health and Social media use
  • Young people’s safety whilst drinking alcohol
  • Mental health and exercise
  • Diet and nutrition

Head of Year 0, Ashley Vallance, explained: “The students which the campaign is aimed at came away with really important health messages.

“We want them to be aware of health issues that are particularly targeted at 16-19-year-olds. Moving into the exam period – having an awareness of nutrition, exercise and looking after themselves in regards to their mental health, and generally, is crucial. The campaign that looks at body image on social media and digitally altered appearances is also highly relevant at the moment.”

Students got involved with a #nofilter Instagram photobooth

Ashley continued: “Our Year 0 students get the chance to operate in a group and produce an effective health promotion campaign. Part of their assignment is an evaluation of how the campaign performed and, as many of them will be going into health professions after they leave here, speaking to the rest of the students at the College and helping to educate them could be an important learning tool.”

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