South Wirral Service*

08:00 Eastham Rake
08:02 Brookhurst Avenue
08:05 Allport Road
08:07 Allport Lane
08:09 Bromborough Cross
08:13 Spital Road
08:15 Church Road
08:17 Heath Road
08:19 Teehey Lane
08:20 Kings Road
08:24 Borough Road
08:30 Argyle St
08:35 Conway Park
08:37 Cleveland Street

Arrive at College

Services will stop at all bus stops on the above routes. The bus will have the College logo displayed. Students must put their hands out for the bus to stop and are required to show their bus pass when embarking on the bus.

Return Journey:

Depart from Shrewsbury Road entrance at the following times:
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday: 4.30pm
Wednesday: 3.15pm
Friday: 2:45pm

Price List:

Year Pass: £160
Term Time Pass: £60
Single Journey Tickets: £1

*Routes and prices may be subject to change at any time.