I want to apply to College but you are now closed. Have I left it too late?

No! We would welcome your application for September 2021 entry. You can apply online by clicking here. You will be contacted by email and asked to provide a copy of your most recent school report electronically with your attitude to learning, attendance, punctuality and predicted grades. You will then have an interview to discuss your application and courses you would like to take at College. The process is very easy and we will give you any help you need.


I've had a disrupted time in Year 10 and Year 11 and I'm worried about starting at sixth form. What help is on offer?

The College fully appreciates that students are joining us after GCSEs having not had a full time in education over the past two years. With that in mind, we're adding in more face-to-face contact time with your teachers to make up for what you may have lost out on. You'll be getting an extra hour in every subject per week to help you make the step up to A Level and BTEC study, and our teachers and support staff are there to support you every step of the way.

I have accepted my place at College. What happens next?

We will communicate any relevant information and dates to you and your parent by email and copies of all communications are posted on our website here - https://www.bsfc.ac.uk/newstarters/keepintouch. If you are not receiving these, please email enrol@bsfc.ac.uk to let us know and we will ensure your correct details are updated on our system. There are Preparation Packs for each subject for you to work through, including a Careers Pack from the tutor team.

I have been accepted for Biology, Chemistry and Maths which have a higher grade entry requirement than some other subjects. If I don’t get the grades for those subjects, does that mean I can’t come to the College?

The general entry criteria for the College is five grade 4s at GCSE including Maths and English Language, so if you do not meet the entry criteria for Biology, Chemistry and Maths but have met the general College entry criteria, you can choose other subjects to study at College. We have an expert tutor team who can advise you on the best programme of study to ensure you can take the next steps after College to your chosen career. Don't worry, we can support you with this.

I am worried that I won’t meet the entry requirements for the College of five grade 4s at GCSE including Maths and English Language. If I don’t get this, can I not come to the College?

If you don’t meet this entry criteria but achieve four grade 3s, we offer a Foundation Programme https://www.bsfc.ac.uk/prospective-students/entry-requirements . There are limited spaces on these courses and it is a commitment to a three year programme. Maths and / or English Language GCSE can be taken alongside your Foundation Programme if necessary.

I have changed my mind about the subjects I would like to take. Is it too late to change them and how do I change them?

It's not too late! You can change your mind about what subjects you would like to take at any time up to and including at Enrolment which begins in August. Please email enrol@bsfc.ac.uk with your changes. The dates for Enrolment are between 24th - 27th August inclusive..

I would like to do some wider reading prior to starting my courses at College. Can I get advice on what to read?

Yes. We will communicate any reading or work that we would like you to complete prior to starting College in due course.

I would like some further information about the courses I have chosen. Where can I get this from?

Our website has further details of all our courses including the exam boards - https://www.bsfc.ac.uk/courses

There are also Subject Preparation Packs available for all subjects so that you can get a feel for the subjects you're wanting to take. They include reading lists, but also activities, films, books, TV and podcasts to help you get a full picture of what your course choices are all about. Click here for the Preparation Packs.

If you have any subject specific questions, please contact enrol@bsfc.ac.uk who can direct your query to the relevant Head of Department.

I have accepted a place at my high school and Birkenhead Sixth Form College and can’t decide which one to go to. Is there really any point me coming to the College when I can stay where I am?

Yes! You need to come to our outstanding and award-winning College and there are a range of reasons why you should make the switch from your high school sixth form:

  • We offer more courses than any other A Level / Level 3 BTEC provider on the Wirral and you can do any combination of courses – there are no option blocks
  • We have some of the best results in the region and nationwide
  • Our staff only teach A Levels and Level 3 BTECs so are experts in their field and not teaching younger students alongside your age group
  • Our support systems are fantastic, including your own personal tutor and a massive range of extracurricular opportunities


I need further information about how to get to College each day. Where can I get this from?

We have students from Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire and all over the Wirral. As well as a range of College and public buses, we are also accessible by train. Further details are available on our website here - https://www.bsfc.ac.uk/prospective-students/how-to-find-us

I need to know that I will be able to afford to come to the College. How can I check if I am entitled to a bursary and what does this include?

We ensure that finance is never a barrier to achieving an education and have won a number of awards for social mobility. Please see our website for details of what our bursary covers and the criteria for our bursary - https://www.bsfc.ac.uk/college-information/bursary-scheme

I'm concerned that I will have no friends when I start at the College as I don’t know anyone else going?

We have students from over 60 different schools attend the College and many of them don’t know anyone else at the College when they start, but everyone always says how easy they found it to make friends straight away. Even those that come with friends from school are in the same boat of starting somewhere new. We offer a range of activities in the first few weeks of term and a number of Clubs and Societies to help you settle into College as quickly as possible.