Politics students had the opportunity to pose questions to a Member of Parliament, as the MP for Wallasey, Angela Eagle, visited Birkenhead Sixth Form College.

Part of the Labour Party and currently sitting in opposition to the Conservative government, Ms Eagle has represented the Wallasey constituency in Parliament for 25 years and has previously held ministerial positions, as well as being a contender for the party leadership as recently as last year.

"The students can take their youthful idealism and help make our country better in the future."

Angela Eagle, Member of Parliament for Wallasey

The College’s vociferous Politics students challenged Ms Eagle on a number of issues of national and international importance, including Brexit, the credentials of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party, and of course, Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ms Eagle said: “There’s obviously lots of interest in politics and what is going on right now, so getting ‘grilled’ by young people is always a great thing to do.

“I really enjoy coming in to talk to sixth form students all over the Wirral so it’s good to be here at Birkenhead Sixth Form College.”

The Wallasey MP continued: “I hope that the students understood the excitement of being in politics, but also the aspects of it that are about duty and changing the way our society works so they can take their youthful idealism and help make our country better in the future.”

Ms Eagle finished by praising the College’s recent ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report and highlighted how quality state education can bring out the best in young people.

She said: “Many congratulations to the staff and the students here at Birkenhead Sixth Form College. ‘Outstanding’ is not an easy result to get in any Ofsted report and you’ve done it, so more power to your elbow.

“Inclusiveness in education is really important. I think it makes our society better when people aren’t separated off at a young age, so students can be sympathetic and empathetic to people from all walks of life and all parts of society. As a member of the Labour Party, I obviously believe in that.”

Politics students, Luci Diggory and Dominic Laverick, were among those to interrogate the visiting Member of Parliament.

Luci said: “It was really interesting. She was very knowledgeable and it was great the way she answered all of our questions. I learned a lot from the time with her.”

Dominic, who was formerly a member of the Labour Party and quizzed Ms Eagle on the reasons he should possibly re-join, said: “Angela came across brilliantly and she’s very learned on the issues. It was quite considerate that she encouraged us as young people to ask questions, particularly the girls, as both young people and women are groups that are underrepresented in Parliament. It felt very valuable and is the type of thing that could help us get into politics ourselves.

“Getting to pose your questions to an MP of 25 years, a former minister and a contender for the Labour leadership brings it from Westminster to Birkenhead and makes it feel more real.”