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  • Are you driven to find out how you can improve your performance in Sport?
  • Are you interested in how our bodies push themselves to their physical peak?
  • How can we successfully promote healthy, active lifestyles?


Entry Requirements

At least 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Maths and English Language.


Is this course for me?

  • The Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A Level option block; the Diploma is equivalent to two A Level option blocks.
  • You want to investigate the different aspects of the Sports Industry from health and fitness and sports therapy to sports coaching and teaching.
  • You want to apply your knowledge and technical skills within practical fitness and coaching environments.
  • You wish to develop practical sports skills in a variety of sports.
  • You want to pursue a career in the sport and fitness industry.


Where does it lead?

Level 3 BTEC Diplomas are valued by employers and Higher Education. You may choose a degree in Sports Studies, Sport Science, Sports Therapy, Coaching, Leisure Management, Recreation Management or teacher training.

You may choose a career in a sports-related field such as in a Sports Centre, Leisure Centre or Outdoor Activities Centre.


What will I learn?

Extended Certificate & Diploma

Anatomy & Physiology

You will explore the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also to learn the fundamentals of the energy systems.

You will investigate the body’s response to acute exercise and how the body adapts to long-term exercise participation.

Fitness Training & Programming for Health, Sport & Wellbeing

You will explore client screening and lifestyle assessment, fitness training methods and fitness programming to support improvements in a client’s health and wellbeing.

Professional Development in the Sports Industry

You will explore the knowledge and skills required for different career pathways in the sports industry. Learners will take part in, and reflect on, a personal skills audit, career action plan and practical interview assessment activities.

Application of Fitness Testing

You will gain an understanding of the requirements of fitness testing and learn how to safely conduct a range of tests for different components of fitness.

Diploma only

Coaching for Performance

You will study what makes a good leader, the different capacities of this role, and the leadership skills and techniques necessary when leading activities in different roles, such as a coach, an official, a captain or personal trainer.

Sports Psychology

You will explore individual psychological factors that can influence performance, the psychological aspects of environments that sports are played in and the influences that others can have on performance.You will explore individual psychological factors that can influence performance, the psychological aspects of environments that sports are played in and the influences that others can have on performance.

Investigating Business in Sport and the Active  Leisure Industry

You will investigate Sport industry trends, changes and other developments such as technology, to explore how they can affect the performance, and ultimately the success, of businesses.

Skill Acquisition in Sport

You will develop an understanding of skilled performance and how an individual’s abilities contribute to the development of their skills and how they take information from their environment.

Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport

You will gain an understanding of the rules and regulations in a selected sport and explore historical developments that have led to the change of rules and regulations.


How will I be assessed?

There is one exam for the Anatomy & Physiology unit for this course and two externally assessed units (Fitness Training & Programming for Health, Sport & Wellbeing and Business in Sport). All remaining units are assessed through set assignments which are submitted at various points through the year.


What activities can I get involved in?

The College has lots of exciting enrichment and CV building opportunities including the chance to earn the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, learn a new skill, learn a language, join a club, take up or develop a sport or take on a new challenge. See the College Prospectus for further information about what is on offer.


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