Birkenhead Sixth Form College is Wirral's number one choice of sixth form with over 1,300 students choosing to study with us each year. Students join us from every school in Wirral and from schools in the wider Merseyside area and Chester.

"In an area where there are so many options for sixth forms, we chose to study here at The Sixth Form College Birkenhead.We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here so far - we couldn't recommend it enough. Our best advice would be to come and experience it for yourselves. Speaking as one student to another, coming here is the right choice to make as it will set you on the right path to being successful."

Emily & Louis, Head Students

Head Students, Louis Earley (left) and Emily Wagstaff (Right) with Olympic medalist Beth Tweddle MBE (Centre)


Head Students

Louis Earley

Head Student
Louis currently studies Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at the college.

I have really enjoyed my time here over the past year. There is an excellent support network and tutors are always happy to help. It is an environment where everyone is valued and supported equally, where every student is pushed to achieve the best grades possible. Without such a caring, supporting and welcoming atmosphere I do not feel I would have achieved as much as I have, and definitely would not have achieved similar AS results at a school sixth form. The staff are some of the best you will come across, for example, we are taught Biology by a real doctor, however all the staff are specialists in their fields. The College's position as one of the top 10% in the country is a testament to the hard work of the students and tutors alike.

Emily Wagstaff

Head Student
Emily is studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Physics at college and hopes to study medicine.

Being at the College has shown me how to be more independent than if I'd gone to a school sixth form, making sure we are fully prepared for life after education. You are treated as an adult and can learn many skills that you can add to your UCAS application. There are also lots of opportunities to gain scholarships and placements with top local and national companies. As Head Students we've been able to represent and express student views. In addition to welcoming new students or saying goodbye to old, we help organise charity events that benefit local charities as well as lead the student ambassador team. Opportunities like this have given us the confidence to apply to top Universities.

Our Student Ambassador Team:

Our student ambassador team represent the student body at College events, help new students settle in at the start of term and help to organise charitable events at the College throughout the year.