Our specialist approach

Our approach is simple and traditional. A typical student is required to study four AS-Levels or BTEC equivalent in their first year of study which is then reduced to three full A-levels or BTEC equivalent in their second year.

As specialists in this area of provision we are of the firm view that this is by far the best approach.

Our approach is evidence based and shaped by the following benefits:

  • Four choices instead of three opens up your options to try something a little different, perhaps something you might end up loving, have an aptitude for and possibly go on to make a career out of.
  • Transferrable skills are learned in every area of study, meaning that every subject taken benefits the others.
  • Our students themselves said that taking four subjects at AS was positive, the workload was manageable and they benefited and enjoyed the breadth of study.
  • The subject that you choose to not take forward gives you UCAS points and an extra qualification for your CV.
  • Our specialist support systems mean that we know you can study four subjects without any worry about underperforming.
  • A-levels, even in the same subject, are very different in content, demand and approach to GCSEs. Starting on three would be a mistake as it gives you no wriggle room if you have made a misjudgement.
  • Studying four rather than three AS Levels allows you to pick the subjects you have proven to be strongest at in a genuine assessment in the first year, take this to full A-level and get maximum grades.

The choices we offer and our ability to support students through them was specifically assessed at our recent Ofsted inspection.  

As a specialist sixth form college our approach to A-levels received a level of

scrutiny that school sixth forms never really experience and so it was very

pleasing that Ofsted rated our approach to developing the study

programmes as Outstanding; as they did for all areas of the college.